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it’s likely we enjoy

it’s likely we enjoy
small obsessions
as evolved humans,
like that time
we turned slightly
orange during our
carrot binge

** in the absence of The Daily Post from WordPress, here’s your daily prompt: evolved

i am delicately

i am delicately
peeling into
this memory i have
of you – how we
rarely had
in our youth
you were visiting –
maybe you’d carry
with you only
a small bag of
the sweet fruits,
and still, it was
up to us
to peel away
the tough outer
layer, past the inner
to get to
the unforgettable
part, the stuff
of memories

please play some music

please play some music
to cover up the smashing
sound as i crush cloves

of garlic between knife and
cutting board, like winged insects

when the heart breaks,

when the heart breaks,
the body, unbeknownst
to the host,
disconnects, one, two,
maybe several
organs at a time. it
is how on day seven,
the outer shell awakes
first and recognizes
pain along the circuitry,
the stomach reacts,
two-thirds liver-less,
the spinal cord lets
go a bouquet of
nerves, and the
tongue is speechless,
numb to the touch

summer’s golden hour,

it is known, or

it is known, or
rather felt, that
memories get
shifted around
in the body, from
eyes, to liver,
to heart, to
fingers, to
skin, to feet.
how else can
we explain
the heaviness
from walking
away, walking
off, walking
to make sense
of it all, to
stop the rest
of the body
from feeling

our skin is wired

our skin is wired
with neurons devoted to
the most fleeting of
touches –
it’s how we are able
to feel the last second
of the year
with so much
joy, so much fear