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an ear against your

an ear against your
chest and images from
tonight’s viewing of
the latest Underworld
in the franchise
beneath my eyelids, i
am once again
wondering whose
heart will stop
beating first, and
would the one that
continues alone be okay
with succumbing to
such guilty pleasures

eight minutes before

i fill these moments

i fill these moments
with sugar, enough sugar
to preserve them for

at least a decade, maybe
longer, long after we are dead

there are at least four

there are at least four
hundred and twenty-
eight songs i no longer
play, not counting the
accidental shuffles, one-
point-one days of ditties
i will not d.j. for
guests nor the company
of one. between past and
present, there is a
gap, where last played
rehearses silently, confined
to a losing history

the ones you miss

the ones you miss
most are the ones
who depart the
soonest – trying to
get out of that one
requires a time
machine or two
fingers of whiskey

in the absence of

in the absence of
you, there is even more
presence – more
questions, infinite
unknowns, undivided
attention to the
possibilities of
how you
like it. nine-tenths
of a second is about
preparing for
the next second. i
apply oil to all of the
hinges, ready to step
into and out of these
intervals of waiting

you and i have

you and i have
at least one
memory of each
other that is so
old, when we
pick it up, it leaves
a distinct outline
of its shape on the
mantles of our
brains. for this
reason, we can go
for long absences,
knowing that
the imprint only
grows stronger