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this late into the

two slices into

at the hour of

at the hour of
emptiness, we arrive
simultaneously, inches
from collision, so
close that biology
takes over, turns
our mouths
into exploratory
vehicles, equal
parts infection and
inoculation, of
and against
an unknown future

nine times out of ten,

nine times out of ten,
the unknown is more
mesmerizing than the
known. i say this not
because i want to
stop, but because i
might want to venture
out into the
known with you

between wanting you

between wanting you
and not wanting to want
you is a gooey
mystery, with a bit
of a crunch, not unlike
the best peanut
butter – no matter
how i spread
it, the days between
the days are so
delicious, the hours
that crawl inside of
minutes get stuck
on the roof of
my mouth, so that
the words, the
important ones,
can’t get out

perhaps my body

perhaps my body
is more tired than i let
on – it takes some kind
of energy to separate
old from new, constancy
from probability

there is a perfection

there is a perfection
to being close and not
too close – when
every strength is a
weakness when given
enough time, we can
only promise to not
be one another’s