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when we were water,

when we were water,
we didn’t have tongues to hold
back the words, trading

secrets effortlessly, with
abundance approaching drowning

we are learning to

some days, surprises

by the water’s edge,

by the water’s edge,
holding it in is still more
noble than letting
it out. you show
me this by way of
example, the centuries
of men and women –
fathers and mothers,
daughters and sons
friends and lovers –
who by day held
their struggles
humming within
the palms of their
hands and by night
plunged them into
waters as deep as their
breaths, coming up
for air, whispering
only into the gaps
between the stories
that were meant
to be told, passed on

because desire

because desire
is a ballot, and everything
we own and want and

don’t know we want complicate
the process, it’s a write-in

we have a charter

after hours, i

after hours, i
worry most that i will wake
you, no, that you’ll find

me sitting in your empty
bathtub, writing poetry