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every now and then,

every now and then,
we try another way of
doing things – it takes

some kind of fine chemistry
to be brave, experiment

** in the absence of The Daily Post from WordPress, here’s your daily prompt: experiment


there are phases of

there are phases of
Moon that will forever light
up specific cells,

activating love, loss, pain,
and then all over again

there will be milli-

the air around us

holding it in

it is stated in countless

it is stated in countless
handbooks and hazard
identification trainings
that whenever a dust
layer of as little as one-
thirty-second of an
inch accumulates,
immediate cleaning is
warranted to prevent
combustion. i had often
thought that somehow, this
pain would be
useful, drawing close
each layer like a
comforter, a coat,
an armor, a potential,
not knowing enough
about chemistry
and vents
and letting go

if thinking uses