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by day’s end, we are

by day’s end, we are
two naps away from
a full recovery,
two or three steps
from the sea


if we are lucky,

if we are lucky,
life strips us of life
quickly or
very slowly –
the pain lingers
like a lost
formula, waiting
for someone to
come along
and solve it

perhaps months,

perhaps months,
years from now, these
days will become
foggy, it’s how our
minds insist on
playing games with
our hearts – now you see
me, now you don’t

we have no choice as
witnesses, obligated
to make out every
fine detail in the
heightened haze

if thinking uses

it’s an inexact

it’s an inexact
science, how we will spend our
whole lives migrating

in a circle to survive, like
wildebeest, chasing the rain

you and i have

you and i have
at least one
memory of each
other that is so
old, when we
pick it up, it leaves
a distinct outline
of its shape on the
mantles of our
brains. for this
reason, we can go
for long absences,
knowing that
the imprint only
grows stronger

it’s true, i do not

it’s true, i do not
hold you like i used to.
yesterday, the dentist
explained it best with
the three classes and five
theories of occlusion,
or how the upper and
lower teeth should come
together with the least
amount of destructive
interferences, a delicate
balance of muscles, ligaments,
and bones, waiting for an
electrical impulse from
the brain. it’s often the
hair-trigger adjustments
that translate most into
an irreversible
and nameless pain