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my six aunts and

my six aunts and
uncle gather around
grandma’s hospital
bed, allowing
the performance of
procedure to overtake the
art of living.
Their hands
are collectively
tied in the pursuit
of individual

grandma looks
on, one against
six, a tube down
her throat, mindful
of cumulative losses.

as in every
situation, time
flexes its
muscles, taunting us
to hold on or let go
while duty,
devotion, and rivalry
measure us for both


in the memory

in the memory
bank, scarring
requires a good
dose of new
fragmented for
fibers to even
imagine mending
the damage –
there’s no
anesthesia for
the procedure

what keeps us

what keeps us
together follows the
procedure for
assembling most
dependable, long-
things –
tighten loosely,
and it won’t break


i told them all

i told them all
that you were very
scientific, and yes,
they would love
to meet you. did i
say to meet you? i meant
to have met you. and yes,
it is things like this
that i like to focus on –
grammar, procedure,
algorithms, the space-time
continuum – that makes
the first statement true,
the following statement
true, the previous
statement false and grief,
just another paradox

i still cannot calculate

i still cannot calculate
the time of death when there is
an ocean between us. what
does it mean when i ask
when? and you say five
in the morning
. with time
no longer on anyone’s
side, a formulaic procedure
may not be such a crime
after all. tell me
you understand and can
take over because
i cannot read x from y
there is something
in my eye