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perhaps time stretches

perhaps time stretches
during separation, seconds
become minutes,
minutes, hours,
and so on and so forth,
so that upon
return, it is
best to use caution
when opening
overhead bins, as
items may have
shifted in flight

it is known, or

it is known, or
rather felt, that
memories get
shifted around
in the body, from
eyes, to liver,
to heart, to
fingers, to
skin, to feet.
how else can
we explain
the heaviness
from walking
away, walking
off, walking
to make sense
of it all, to
stop the rest
of the body
from feeling


i imagine it

i imagine it
happens as if it were
just another day –
waking to find that the heart
can shift so naturally,
it will have yet to register
new coordinates,
transfer utilities