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an ear against your

an ear against your
chest and images from
tonight’s viewing of
the latest Underworld
in the franchise
beneath my eyelids, i
am once again
wondering whose
heart will stop
beating first, and
would the one that
continues alone be okay
with succumbing to
such guilty pleasures

i fill these moments

i fill these moments
with sugar, enough sugar
to preserve them for

at least a decade, maybe
longer, long after we are dead

near the end, there is

near the end, there is
always a balancing act –
perhaps on top of
some rubble of forgotten
memories, perhaps
on the dagger
of just one

the heart, troubled, can

the heart, troubled, can
fool itself and companion
organs to help speed
its demise. it’s a lose-
lose situation, stretching to
compensate, stretching
to compensate –
in the end, our
bodies are altogether
witness, criminal, and
location of a drowning

i love you more

i love you more
than the chicken noodle
soup you made from
scratch last night when
i insisted on soup,
more than the carbon
monoxide alarm you
bought when you accepted
we could be dying, more
than all the kisses at
the threshold of departures
and arrivals, more than
b-flat minor, fingers
in a good book, toes
cooling in the washington
square park fountain,
i love you more than
writing about you when
you are asleep, yes,
still more

on the seventh

on the seventh
anniversary of your
death, i announce
it the way one
notes it’s saturday,
close my heart
off for the rest
of the day, tune
in to everything
so there is no room
for the hunter

i know it complicates

i know it complicates
matters for me to love
you anyways. at the rate
of love and death,
another midnight
bath will not
simplify the equation