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there are aches in my

there are aches in my
body i can no longer
ignore. every year

we grow older, a new trail
of bread crumbs beckons us home


the air around us

the air around us
tremble before we touch, it
happens every time –

molecules pushing aside
other molecules for a kiss

mind already here,

three hundred and eight

three hundred and eight
hoops later, we are still bending
the knees, lengthening

the calf muscles, rotating
our ankles to meet the mark

the thought of the thought

it’s true, i do not

it’s true, i do not
hold you like i used to.
yesterday, the dentist
explained it best with
the three classes and five
theories of occlusion,
or how the upper and
lower teeth should come
together with the least
amount of destructive
interferences, a delicate
balance of muscles, ligaments,
and bones, waiting for an
electrical impulse from
the brain. it’s often the
hair-trigger adjustments
that translate most into
an irreversible
and nameless pain

this morning, before

this morning, before
heading out, i came
to the realization
that i am down to
only one repertoire.
even though you
identified five or six
keys within the range
in which you felt most
comfortable, it is
still the same song.
i am looking out
the window, playing
to the passersby, my
entire body hums