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there are phases of

there are phases of
Moon that will forever light
up specific cells,

activating love, loss, pain,
and then all over again


there will be milli-

there will be milli-
seconds when all you can do
is resist – between

signals, synapses, and spring,
everything is a trigger

on the streets of love,

it’s true, i do not

it’s true, i do not
hold you like i used to.
yesterday, the dentist
explained it best with
the three classes and five
theories of occlusion,
or how the upper and
lower teeth should come
together with the least
amount of destructive
interferences, a delicate
balance of muscles, ligaments,
and bones, waiting for an
electrical impulse from
the brain. it’s often the
hair-trigger adjustments
that translate most into
an irreversible
and nameless pain

when the heart breaks,

when the heart breaks,
the body, unbeknownst
to the host,
disconnects, one, two,
maybe several
organs at a time. it
is how on day seven,
the outer shell awakes
first and recognizes
pain along the circuitry,
the stomach reacts,
two-thirds liver-less,
the spinal cord lets
go a bouquet of
nerves, and the
tongue is speechless,
numb to the touch

there are aches that can

there are aches that can
drag you across one hour
into the next and

the next – during which you realize
you were never in control

maybe we shouldn’t

maybe we shouldn’t
rule out that there are
new molecular
connections here, a
dendritic extension
able to achieve
information transmission
with each neuron
synapse, so that
between day 536
and day 578, more
filters through, i
am seeing
through your eyes