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the air around us

the air around us
tremble before we touch, it
happens every time –

molecules pushing aside
other molecules for a kiss


back when we used to

back when we used to
exchange letters, everything
was more – like meeting

in grand central this november,
recalling the length of your hair

it’s like when you are

it’s like when you are
heading the other way while
everyone else is

headed home – so many pairs
of lights helping you move past

when reality

on rainy mornings,

in conversation,

all day, i keep

all day, i keep
forgetting that you
left us this morning,
and even now, when
i quiet my heart to
take in the news, i
hear old news, when
you called eight years
ago to say that he’s
gone, and do not be
sad, it was so peaceful,
you were reading to him
as he sat in his favorite
chair, and then
you were reading.
tonight, i am not ready
for the details just yet.
there are no brave
messengers. you are
gone, but not yet gone