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even at rest, we

our skin is wired

our skin is wired
with neurons devoted to
the most fleeting of
touches –
it’s how we are able
to feel the last second
of the year
with so much
joy, so much fear

at the edge of

the body relinquishes

the body relinquishes
traps that stay
just beyond
the grasp so that
every class
of cell is still tied
to perceiving. no small
gesture is exempt
from this survival
strategy, an unwritten
permission to
repeat you

i will look back on

i will look back on
these nights –
when every cell
still dismantles
at the glint of
you – and mostly
smile. even the
audience won’t
see it coming

at any given moment, there are

at any given moment, there are
always a couple of drawers
left opened at mid-shin
height, filled and emptied of
thoughts amidst brain synapses
and a ceaseless train of cell
proliferation. i can unswervingly
insist that i am not
involved until a fumbling
ache jolts me awake

your absence takes a