about y’s bits

bathing in the
light of a
poem is like
approaching a
mountain top –
shift, and

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  1. sunlightonawall

    hello, Y. thanks for your visits and comments. I like the simple humble nature of your writing. is it too much to say we have a poetry kinship? similar style, same layout, hmm. i’ll be back to read more indeed.

  2. y

    thank you so much for your kind compliments! and thank you for visiting! keep reading…(smile)

    • yi-ching lin

      thank you so much for the read and compliments. if you’re interested, you can also check out my photo/writing blog, yichinglin.com. i enjoyed your “about the blogger” bits – i think you’re handling the world pretty well, and i like your drawing style (smile).

    • yi-ching lin

      dear Dora – thank you SO MUCH for the honor. i’m really touched, especially by the words on your website in presenting me with the award. thank you, again, and i’m so glad that you enjoy the read.

  3. 14ideasforaname

    you’re most welcome -you deserve every inch of praise! (smile) It goes without saying that ‘thank you’ here goes both ways, your blogs make up one of my most fave stop overs on the bloggy highway 😉

    take care,

  4. anonymous

    this is absolutely beautiful. the simplicity of the words is somehow more evocative than any elaborate description would be. i’ve always admired people who could write excellent short poetry! A lot to try to fit on a small canvas, but when you can make it work, it really works 🙂
    i would love it if you would check out my creative writing blog, fromtheinbetween.wordpress.com. I’ve just started it, but I love to write too, and I would love feedback more than anything!
    Thanks again for sharing your awesome work 🙂

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