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meeting a melon

meeting a melon
for the first time is
a tricky
affair – no amount
of knocking,
feeling the weight
in the palm of your
hand, looking for
skin discoloration or
telling scars will
help you unlock
its sweet secrets

the cat in 19-

the cat in 19-
A introduced herself this
morning – in a dog-

chase-dog courtyard, it is much
safer to have the high ground

saturday at the

saturday at the
pupuseria, i paid
attention to the

way you ordered what you ordered
because everything was brand new

here are the cells

here are the cells
hanging onto those
memories of stepping
into the light in your
bedroom, with all the
immensity that comes
with introductions.
each remaining
mitochondria draws
towards the east-facing
bay windows, as if
there were still
something left to
break down, turn
into new nostalgia.
each golgi apparatus
looks for clues at
the edges of a peripheral
vision too shy to be
curious, while pretending
to be bold on that
particular afternoon.
to tell the truth, all
nuclei begin to lose
the integrity of a
moment recalled
as soon as the
moment is recalled

because you already

because you already
knew my upper
trapezius, the
new old knot
that visited this
morning needed
no introduction,
only a welcomed
new old kisses

some encounters feel

you are teaching me

you are teaching me
to wrap my
listening around
Toninho Horta’s broken
, a funny
valentine of sorts –
no agenda, no other
consideration, but
a weakness for
amar como te amo

introductions are

the first time you really

the first time you really
see something, there is
an off-season tilling
in the garden of the
mind. if you are
very still, you could
feel a gentle
at the
roots, but more
often than not,
there is a numbness
bordering between
doubt and awe.
the best thing to do is
to keep your
gardening gloves on
because there is
still a lot of work
to be done