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the right words cost an

the right words cost an
arm and a leg – no one warns
you when you are just

starting out. it takes decades to
roll them out appropriately

do you want to stop?

do you want to stop?
often comes wrapped
in the most helplessly
luring smile. saying it
and not saying it
is a satin ribbon
on its way to rounding
all the edges so that
the present is secured,
and the future
holds surprises in store

perhaps time stretches

perhaps time stretches
during separation, seconds
become minutes,
minutes, hours,
and so on and so forth,
so that upon
return, it is
best to use caution
when opening
overhead bins, as
items may have
shifted in flight

here, here, and here are

here, here, and here are
the places upon which we
are meant to stumble –

i will watch my steps, promise
you won’t hold on so tightly

you once told me

you once told me
that you quit your
book club of
two because one of you
could never get your stories
straight, reading well
into the night –
no one
ever aims just
shy of fairytale

along the edge of

the degree to which