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it has come to my

it has come to my
attention that
you sing when
moving from room to
room in the middle of
a quiet afternoon because
i scare easily. love is
adding to our repertoire
so that we can
become more
fearless together


this morning, before

this morning, before
heading out, i came
to the realization
that i am down to
only one repertoire.
even though you
identified five or six
keys within the range
in which you felt most
comfortable, it is
still the same song.
i am looking out
the window, playing
to the passersby, my
entire body hums

day sixty-one, i

day sixty-one, i
realized i had never seen
you smile so damn much.
packed expertly into a
half bent, tapered
morning, the
first sips were
heavenly, holding
your mouth
in my mouth,
without burning
too hot or too fast

three weeks later, i

three weeks later, i
realize we are under
attack. i want to
warn you. instead,
i cut my thumb
grating ginger
this morning, a
momentary relief

day one or day

day one or day
twenty-four, i realize
i think of you
so that there’s less
room for the
rest of it. we all do
it, think of one
another so that we
can manage how much
to withstand, surrender,
resist, confront.
this morning,
i couldn’t get out
of bed, then i
thought of you

along the sharp and

along the sharp and
rugged hours of day five,
the realization

that we are as resilient
as we can possibly bear

i went with scenario

i went with scenario
seven and discovered
the impermanence of
things, how history
can often present
familiar equations
while centuries of
mathematical lovers
will get it wrong, over
and over again.
i went with scenario
seven and came
to realize that
undivided time
is as much of a
variable as the heart
is a gravitational
constant, difficult
to measure with
any accuracy