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line by line, curve by

awareness is not

awareness is not
action – this morning,
over the toilet bowl,
recognizing that the
body will eventually
act, revolt,
when administered
enough poison

between your fingers,

between your fingers,
my fingers, between my
knuckles, your knuckles.
we can replay the
configuration in our
mind, measure
the ounces of blood
that must have rushed to
travel alongside,
but we can’t retrieve
the feeling of
completion, when the
last piece of the
puzzle gets pressed
into something whole,
endeavoring for a
recognizable picture

in the middle of

in the middle of
day, my heart
clenches to accept
absence –
you can say
come with me,
and make every
room magical,
all of air
tucked inside
the warmth
of your hand

with time, the lines we

with time, the lines we
draw are as imperceptible
as the ones we do
not draw, leaning
on the way we
recognize one
another, hold each
other’s identities
and desires in imperfect
balance. i am standing
in the shower again
for a moment longer,
no, even longer,
the newest line
we have drawn, the old
lines we have crossed

there are a few looks

there are a few looks
you cannot mistaken –
when we recognized
that we had both
individually and separately
saran-wrapped our hearts,
perhaps we knew
there would come
a time when we would
unwrap them again

alighting on the