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some silences will

some silences will
refuse to budge – it takes years to
build such resistance

** in the absence of The Daily Post from WordPress, here’s your daily prompt: resistance


silence tends to stick

silence tends to stick
together – hushed in the playground,
tucked into alleys

and cul-de-sacs, stilled by an all
too familiar look, bought into

Spielberg, Harvey… and

Spielberg, Harvey… and
God goes the current tally
for Oscar acknowledgements.
not knowing anything
about Spielberg,
Harvey and God as both
Punisher and Redeemer
take the win

holding it in

it has come to my

it has come to my
attention that
you sing when
moving from room to
room in the middle of
a quiet afternoon because
i scare easily. love is
adding to our repertoire
so that we can
become more
fearless together

last night, with one look,

on days when i have to

on days when i have to
keep my chin up, i do
it, like one of those
chinstrap penguins,
climbing out of the
antarctic, ready to find
anything that resembles
a foothold on those steep
slopes. you are never
ready to hear this, i know
it, by the way you smile
so innocently, try out
jokes to conduct the most
favorable light. i make
the decision for you,
yes, sorry, just like that,
you are not allowed
to comfort me, i keep
my chin up, helmet on, look
for the next solid step