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on my level, we also spend

on my level, we also spend
too much time fighting
Goombas and Koopa
Troopas, with the
occasional Hammer
Brothers, wasting
good lives on all
of Bowser’s minions,
so that we lose sight
of the pixelated construct


three days before heading

three days before heading
home, a ball of nerves
tumbles in the chest,
jostled and batted around
like the best
game of post-election
pinball ever played,
where the score is
already in the trillions,
you’re playing right
into enemy territory,
and all the flashing
lights, bells and noise-
makers seem to only make
the ball move faster –
keeping up is essentially
adding so many
zeroes and counting on
that slingshot save

the score was 79-

the score was 79-
109 by the afternoon,
and you had no
intention of
relenting or going
easy on me.
with some
games, playing to
lose is half the fun,
half the arsenal

there is something to

there is something to
childhood friends –
rock, paper, scissors –
agreeing to one-up
each other for the
rest of eternity,
building strength
to face the rest of it all

after awhile, the

it requires a little

it requires a little
physics to build
something comfy,
a place where we can
call out safe!
for the games
we will
play into
eternity – darling,
you’re my base

three days into your

three days into your
starcraft weight-
loss program, you are
buzzed, and i am
twisting desperation
into a shimmering
strategic mesh,
waiting to save
you from the next
protoss rush