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the success of a

the success of a
rescue mission relies on
the degree to which

a person can acknowledge
the desire to be rescued

in the history

in the history
of responding to
acts of division,
the go-to responses
were to draw the
curtains or take to
the streets. perhaps
there is a
kaleidoscope of
choices, waiting
for us to rotate,
reflect, come
together, and
conjure them
into place

got the call at 10:20, and i want to fold

got the call at 10:20, and i want to fold
grief into a paper-plane, drag the oceans into long
division, and let the sky toss us home.

better yet, i want to play the quantum
physicist, crawl into a polynomial
embrace, tie the formulas end to end to end
to fish us triumphantly
out of the terminal wormhole.

with a fist in my heart, i know now
the saddest part of loss
is the sudden departure of fear