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the success of a

the success of a
rescue mission relies on
the degree to which

a person can acknowledge
the desire to be rescued

when there is no end

when there us no end
in sight, our minds make up a
mirage, a target,

a mission – between here abd
nowhere, the distance flickers

this morning, we learned

this morning, we learned
you were shrinking,
all fourteen-
point-six million square
miles of you, quaking and
leaving deep
scarps as if carving
out a message – for the
850 pounds of moon
rocks we stole
away and called our
greatest legacy –
to return home

** in the absence of The Daily Post from WordPress, here’s your daily prompt: legacy

we act as if time

we act as if time
were limitless, not seeing
the hour, the minute,
the second until it’s out
of view, unrealized
you tell me this
at the bus stop,
waiting for
the 22 on Mission,
as if it were the best
place to stop time,
delay departures