it’s no small thing

it’s no small thing –
observing that the
heart must
break. the pieces
have already
been carefully
parceled out over
– i lie
in the dark,
turning, twisting,
and rotating this
recent piece
in both hands –
it’s no small thing



  1. definitelynotapoet

    Seriously, every week you post something that just speaks right to me. I love this, so so much. I’m always in love with the way you use your line breaks (I write long lines so this I’m always battling at trying to get what I want to say not to wrap to the next line), and the way your last few lines always pack a punch, finish the piece so beautifully. UGH, so brilliant.

    • yi-ching lin

      it’s funny how the words will rub against one another, ask to be separated or to stay together. yes, it is a battle (smile). this compliment is way too generous, and i feel so fortunate to have you as a reader! it just makes me want to be better – strive for more than weekly (smile). thank you!! xo, Y

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