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caught in the pink neck

we know the cherry

we know the cherry
are out, the same way
we know the wedding

is postponed, the taxes won’t
do themselves, it is april

the photos of you

the photos of you
sitting underneath the cherry
blossoms are long gone –

in its place, displacement, far-
sickness, and a whole lot of pink

** in the absence of The Daily Post from WordPress, here’s your daily prompt: displacement

when the litter of

when the litter of
spring blossoms crosses canal
street in late April,
a petal or two will stray
into side alleys, searching
for the real chinatown

springs’ sleigh bells

springs’ sleigh bells
have sprung
in the wind’s expert
grip, leaning
towards that
full symphony

i twist the thought of

briefly caught in my window

i have been asked

i have been asked
by my heart
to start
winding up. Spring
gingerly drums
her fingers
on the bedroom
windows, wet
for the third
Sunday in a row.

i have been asked
by my heart
to stop
neglecting. the cherry
blossoms you think so
little of for their
brevity is balling up
their fists again, still
defiant in their
ninety-eighth year.

i have not been asked
by my heart
to fill up
the emptiness. biology
shows us that our hearts
were made to be emptied,
filled, emptied,
filled, but no one can
narrow the number of
times down to a science