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consider that we

consider that we
are not magicians – we cannot
conjure a feeling

with a mere word – when the welcome
is not for you, you feel it

** in the absence of The Daily Post from WordPress, here’s your daily prompt: welcome


you said succulent

you said succulent
as though you were trying out each
juicy syllable

the right words cost an

the right words cost an
arm and a leg – no one warns
you when you are just

starting out. it takes decades to
roll them out appropriately

i am waiting for

perhaps you protect

perhaps you protect
yourself from me a little,
when a handful of
words exchanged
can acquire life,
get out of bed
with a sigh, become
intimate with every corner
of the apartment, eat
the same meals you
eat, watch the same
Centurion Classics,
crawl into the hammocks
you hang between more
words planted by once
familiar authors, lay down
beside you at night,
try to control their
breathing in the dark,
on the chance that you
won’t swat them away

it’s true, i never

it’s true, i never
wrote about you,
in neither of the
simple nor elaborate
accordion space of
twelve years, not a
word in even the
most imperceptible
folds, it would seem
i am now making
up for lost time, like
a gypsy creature
tuning her la vie
en rose
on the bleecker street
station platform,
skirt swaying

in the beginning was

in the beginning was
the word, and the word
was stella, rapping so
gently at my
window with her icy
knuckles this morning –
despite forecasts
and city shutdowns
and a state of emergency
declaration and thousands
of plows deployed
across the boroughs,
and lining up outside
grocery stores under
a cool blue sky –
despite everything, still
leaning on her southern
charm, like a new art form