life is already

life is already
a half dead
thing, a ticking
constant, a certain
probability – take
my hand, let us
draw up the equation
together, ride
into this
exponential decay

One comment

  1. John MacKenzie

    The Light of Other Suns

    I much prefer the light of other suns,
    already embedded in our skin,
    from which these hands and eyes are made,

    the light that moves within our veins
    and flashes and sparks through the lobes
    and fissures folded into our skulls.

    I much prefer the light of other suns
    that flared and burned and turned their atoms
    into the calcium you coalesce around
    in planes and curves and soft sighs
    on an afternoon drifting into night;

    the heavy light condensed into flesh
    and water, the smoky taste that lingers
    on the tongue for days after you’ve gone.

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