were we to map out

were we to map out
the inequities, would we
find the golden mean

here? or that the world is not
the right ratio at all?


  1. mark

    Perhaps spooky was not the right word. There’s been lots of synchronicity happening recently and at times it seems beyond comprehension. Did you see my comment that talked about the fibonacci series, golden ratio, regarding cyclones and galaxies. It’s not really something I mention everyday, perhaps you do, but probably not. Regarding the photos, you must be joking, it was the space page you saw with all those nebulas and galaxies. Me only got rubbish kodak automatic and very cheap telescope but enough to blow my mind when I saw Jupiter for the first time and wasn’t expecting it. This my only telescope photo https://imgonnastudytherain.files.wordpress.com/2013/06/moon-1ag.jpg?w=346 I like it but it’s not hubble and also fibonacci series, golden ratio https://imgonnastudytherain.files.wordpress.com/2013/06/galaxy1.jpg?w=686 one a few hundred miles wide the other one 30,000 light years wide. its beautiful, same shape, same laws. Spooky

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