here it is – the same

here it is – the same
code that makes us
human – is it the
similarities or
the differences that
make us want
to hurt each other


    • sutlive2

      Dear fightalone1,
      In your opinion what makes us the same?
      What makes us different?

      If I am a white southern redneck and I beat up my neighbor, who happens to be black, am I racist?
      Is that hate speech?

      If you try to kill me, I might end up hurting you in the process of defending myself and trying to stop you. In this scenario I am not intentionally trying to hurt you but you would have to ask yourself on a conscious and subconscious level why you are trying to hurt me so bad that you want to actually attack me.

      • fightalone1

        I am not questioning on any one. Someone always started a fight so why even they started. you just explain my question.

    • yi-ching lin

      thank you, both, for the dialogue. writing this, i was conveying conflicts between individuals and/or groups of people. on the outside, conflict arises because there are differences, like cultural, race, skills, experience, age, etc. however, if you look closer, it’s sometimes the similarities that bring conflict – we want the same land, we want to be free, we want to protect our families, we want the job, we are unique… on and on. there may be an unrecognized sense of, “we are so similar, you have to be eliminated so that i can have more…(place in the sun, air to breathe, accolades, recognition, etc.).” hope that makes sense.

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