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i don’t know, from day

i don’t know, from day
to day, what kind of world we
will be waking up

in. you asked does it matter?
it has always been this way


in this world and that

let’s take turns being

every morning, new

every morning, new
worlds appear unbidden, having
nothing and every-

thing to do with the way we
see each other, interact

every third hour, there

sooner or later,

sooner or later,
or for some time already,
we will find ourselves
in the same shoes, one
against the faceless
many who conjure
corporate legalese
that secures them
a place at the table –
in the board room,
we are all little men,
and unforgetting
we do this to ourselves

i have been caught

i have been caught
grinding my teeth
in the middle of the
night again. you reach
over and massage my
cheeks, pulling me
back from worlds
and worlds away. i
return to you, covered
in the elements –
exiting the universes
we create always
takes some strength,
ample resistance