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prepping for a snow

in the beginning was

in the beginning was
the word, and the word
was stella, rapping so
gently at my
window with her icy
knuckles this morning –
despite forecasts
and city shutdowns
and a state of emergency
declaration and thousands
of plows deployed
across the boroughs,
and lining up outside
grocery stores under
a cool blue sky –
despite everything, still
leaning on her southern
charm, like a new art form


leave it to a snow

a fracture of a

old man winter expertly

old man winter expertly
embroiders entire
cities, gliding
through their
fabrics without
a hitch, as if he
were always
waiting, a pack
of needles in tow,
sharp points,
wide eyes

across freshly

across freshly
fallen snow, you make
your way – the world
seems tender
and yet, so cold

yesterday’s snow lets

under a watchful