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mom and dad shuttle

mom and dad shuttle
the loom back and forth across the
fabric of our youth,

adolescence, adulthood – a
selvage against unravelings

on the curb, outside

on the curb, outside
of our window, an idling
truck, predawn, weaving

its big, noisy, trucky dreams
into our great brooklyn ones

distance is the great

distance is the great
revealer – you are miles and miles
and miles away, i

am weaving such a tale, heavy
with details, just to reach you

it is so seventeenth

it is so seventeenth
century the way we still
shuttle memories back
and forth by hand so that
we have reason
to touch.

i let you hold
down the strongest
memories, stretched
tautly by time, while
i maintain the fill, following
each spun horizon.

the longer we do this,
the richer our threads.
the longer we do this,
the finer our patterns
the longer we do this,
the more alive our beloved