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outside of collecting

outside of collecting
the seeds, planting,
watering, growing,
pruning, nurturing,
fending off diseases,
harvesting, picking,
and storing the
apples ourselves,
yes, we made our
pie from scratch,
like every red-
blooded american should


when we were water,

when we were water,
we didn’t have tongues to hold
back the words, trading

secrets effortlessly, with
abundance approaching drowning

drowning doesn’t look

this is the what if

this is the what if
we starve
fancy raisin
bread, coupled with the
in case we get bored dried
apricots, with one oops,
i knew i would forget
bottle of water
between us, and some
squares of use it sparingly for
when we really need to
use it
paper towels –
we are in the middle of
a day trip out of the
city, somewhere along
a wooded trail – maybe
we should have
printed out a map. i’ve
always wanted a cell phone
charger that plugs straight
into the earth. where should
we stop for lunch? let’s
aim for the 4:24 or 4:55
back to Grand Central.
we can have books and
hot chocolate for dinner


there are fifty-six

there are fifty-six
ways to take a midnight
bath so that you can feel
closest to complete,
side effects include
emptiness, weightlessness,
and finally, sleep

crawling into

crawling into
and out of a
headache takes
a bit of hot
water, some
scrubbing before
and after, especially
after, to rinse
off the heaviness
that in time will
just float
toward the edge,
clinging to the
side of the tub
like a lover’s mark

i am suddenly more

i am suddenly more
distant, stay
more still
for fear of being
caught pulling
away. i sneak in
one more
bath than is
routine for our
kind of winter,
trust that the water
bill will not turn
me in. i head for
bed earlier
or later, find pockets
of silence in the
dark comforting.
i no longer wait for
you to take notice,
i can do this
entirely on my own