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three days before heading

three days before heading
home, a ball of nerves
tumbles in the chest,
jostled and batted around
like the best
game of post-election
pinball ever played,
where the score is
already in the trillions,
you’re playing right
into enemy territory,
and all the flashing
lights, bells and noise-
makers seem to only make
the ball move faster –
keeping up is essentially
adding so many
zeroes and counting on
that slingshot save


christmas sunday, we

christmas sunday, we
dust off our best memories,
take them for a spin,

laying everything vintage
at the foot of our stained glass saints

past midnight,

past midnight,
the alphabet switches
on and off, letters
file down their edges
with one another,
words host talk
shows with no
memories, we hum
to each other
songs we know
by heart, stripped
of their words so that
only meanings
are exchanged

brushing up on one

our bond is vintage.

our bond is vintage.
for the most part, the buttons
have lost their functions.

occasionally, you will
still try to work in that charm

near the end, we drew

we start forgetting