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you said the river

you said the river
can heal itself if we give
it time – it’s never

a perfect formula when
variables are missing

in the formula

the formula for

the formula for
dying is simple and not
so simple – sooner

or later, we are left with
too many variables

you are watching the

you are watching the
latest martial arts darling
in asian cinema, something
enigmatic, poetic,
reserved, i am wavering
between accepting and
rejecting myself for not
being as intoxicated,
enraptured by this
exotic intrigue.
there is a fine pretense
between belonging and
not belonging, i can’t
solve for the variables
while holding myself
at arm’s length

a car has just pulled

a car has just pulled
up alongside the
curb and honked
three times, three
separate, but
related variables –
x, y, z – asking for
someone to solve
the unknowns.
as best they
could, the neighbors
are already acting on
their rudimentary
algebra, introducing
new variables into
the equation – as
expected, it requires
more noise