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some feelings get cut

some feelings get cut
and dried before they are rolled
and stored for certain

usage. there is a science
to make hay while the sun shines

** in the absence of The Daily Post from WordPress, here’s your daily prompt: science

when melancholy

when melancholy
grows leggy, be ready to
pinch back, harvest the

tips of every stem, maybe
refrigerate for later

words are like rubber-

my mother is stacking

my mother is stacking
dried persimmons neatly
into a Ziplock bag for the
season that i will be
away. as she works, she
expertly binds the nature
of the persimmon to
my memory – storage,
dosage, usage – with grace,
she braids into my
heartstrings the lore
of generations of mothers
sending forth their wisdom
ahead of a fixed departure