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two out of three and

after all these years,

after all these years,
mom and dad still perfects every
recipe with love

and unwavering patience –
two stomachs are better than one

it takes at least two

it takes at least two
memories to create a
working solenoid

through which we become unlocked
at the push of a button

there are a lot of

there are a lot of
things that i don’t
say – like how even
with you, i get
lonely sometimes,
or how i prefer
the loneliness
to making a run
for it – okay,
maybe only one
or two things

to tell the truth, as soon

to tell the truth, as soon
as i have settled into
the wait at the gate,
boarding pass in hand,
homeward bound,
i am split into two –
one in anticipation,
with joy, the other,
already in the future,
sitting at another
gate, heart
untangling the
strings that keep
pulling me
home, taut with
renewed longing –
waiting to be whole


afternoon spiders –

the act of counting

the act of counting
reveals its own
contrasts – two
is closer to
one than three,
and the latter
more well-rounded,
yet does not play
well with others.
two is sometimes
indecisive, and
one appears
and lonely

it takes two to not

it takes two to not
look at each other –
one to spin
the yarn, and
one to knit the
illusion, at the
very least, three-
ply, twisted.

it takes two to not
boil the water – one
to turn the burner
on, and one to turn it
right off, two to not
look at each other –
no tea, no stirring
for conversation.

it takes two to stop
breaking down –
one to spin
the yarn, and
one to knit the
illusion, two to not
boil the water, no tears
humming on the
burner, no whistle
screaming for release