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remember that year

remember that year
when we lost so
many… was the
joy ever worth
the long
aches afterwards?
everyone tries
these words
in their mouths
many times before
spitting them out.
they’re unswallowable
by any muscles
so the human spirit
keeps taking the bait

it’s the belief that

we insist on being

we insist on being
uncool, so that it’s always
a surprise, like when
the electronic claw comes
down and pulls us out of so
much plush and stuffed
doubt, even on the first try

for seven, maybe

for seven, maybe
eight hours, i tried you on
with a different

lens – i don’t like to share more
of myself than i have to

i still choose

i still choose
you daily –
wake up, check
the weather,
put on your
love, first
left brain,
then right brain,
draw it
all the way down
my lungs
over my heart – it is
a pullover kind of
and there are days
when i am like
a child, looking
for every excuse
to peel it off,
feel something new

for every combination

for every combination
we try on each other,
there are
at least three
thousand and forty-
two that will no longer
work, one hundred and
sixty-three that will
never work, seventy-
one that will elicit a single
click, and an infinite
number of
we will still be willing
and sometimes
saving to try

between here and