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look far enough, then

look far enough, then
even farther, the ocean
is our backyard, all

we have to do is lean back,
trust that we will float away

** in the absence of The Daily Post from WordPress, here’s your daily prompt: float

times change, but we will

when you tamper with

when you tamper with
trust, the lens becomes stuck, you
can’t zoom in nor out

i want to break it

i want to break it
to you slowly so that each
syllable lingers,
sinks in. i want to
break it to you
quickly so that the
speed of the words whips
up a centripetal force,
spinning away. i want
to break it to
you gently so that
there is no more
fear, only trust –
the known knowns

we are taught to

we are taught to
fortify our hearts
so that we can
invite one another
to patrol their
limits, trusting
that neither will
succumb to hunger

memories are only

memories are only
pure when pressed
firmly between the
folds of those exact
minutes to which
they belong.
perfect preservation
relies on trusting
that you won’t ever
look back

if we knew the value

when you call, it’s hard

when you call, it’s hard
not to jump
to attention, become
electric, lit in the
most radiant way
like a dancer in
mid-air, trusting,
waiting to be caught

the first dance of

the first dance of
spring should
inspire trust, with
a firm shoulder
to hang our gutsiest
dreams, another
to carry the weight.
the conversation
need not
cut across the
dance floor, and
those initial steps
may feel awkward,
but lean into spring –
rain or shine –
there is nothing on
the fence about it

domesticity comes with

domesticity comes with
a wave of rules to
break, an ocean of
nonsense, a bucket of
love, and a replenishing
drop of trust
. when it
comes to most house-
hold labels, you
have to get your
feet wet, venture a bit
further, swim it out