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there is a new clock

there is a new clock
in our living room, ticking,
ticking, ticking – you

are halfway around the world,
sleeping so soundly, clockless

** in the absence of The Daily Post from WordPress, here’s your daily prompt: clockless

meeting savannah

along Monterey

hours before boarding

everything that is

everything that is
magical about a train
ride is not the train

ride – i stare out the window,
penn station to penn station,

new york city to
baltimore, the moving pictures
shimmer, cast long spells

by the window seat

by the window seat
of something like
love, we cultivate
appreciation, consider
the mechanics to
lifting and being
lifted, scrutinize
the depth of our
aimless goodwill

mid-flight, thoughts crossing

mid-flight, thoughts crossing
state lines, each one still holding
onto a piece of

you, despite the rattling
of wings, life’s uncertainty

to tell the truth, as soon

to tell the truth, as soon
as i have settled into
the wait at the gate,
boarding pass in hand,
homeward bound,
i am split into two –
one in anticipation,
with joy, the other,
already in the future,
sitting at another
gate, heart
untangling the
strings that keep
pulling me
home, taut with
renewed longing –
waiting to be whole

triggered for dreaming,

almost happy is