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everything that is

everything that is
magical about a train
ride is not the train

ride – i stare out the window,
penn station to penn station,

new york city to
baltimore, the moving pictures
shimmer, cast long spells

to remember this

to remember this
moment takes time
lifting a generous
corner of the day,
that hour, a full
minute –
some organs
may tremble
during transportation

by the time i see you

by the time i see you,
and you see me,
it’s already
way too late – we are
one another’s answer
to whether the rumbling
is the sound of the train
arriving or departing. we
slow down
about two
paces, still hopeful
to make the transfer
in some alternate

monday morning, we

before music became

before music became
, it could tickle
the toes, pull on our
skirts, tease our rhythms,
and make small talk
with memories. it is
no small wonder then
that we pack the trains
every morning, side
by side, plugged in,
absorbed, seeing
without looking

on the L – the only train

on the L – the only train
whose passengers have a
figure lit above their foreheads
counting down the number
of stops before they
disembark – i take my chances
standing in front of a young
lady, hedging my bets that
she will not change her
mind this morning. thank
goodness for this new
installation – the L
train: executing MTA’s
experiments, transporting
perfectly poised guinea pigs