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on day two, we raced

on day two, we raced
our way up sixteen stories,
breathless with the wind

new yorkers in new york, before
the throng of out-of-towners

** in the absence of The Daily Post from WordPress, here’s your daily prompt: breathless

six shops deep into

six shops deep into
knick-knack hell, we could smell the
sea still beckoning –

when you say Savannah, i
am a bull in a china shop

the best thing about

the best thing about
living near the pool is the
option to not get

into it whenever we
don’t feel like it, just like living

in the city, in
the center of town, is to
say no, thanks when guests

line up for the greatest in
architectural designer

statuesque extra-
vaganza. we can take a peek,
drop by, anytime


between Monterey

once Brooklyn took

once Brooklyn took
home the top Zagat
honors for pastrami
it was on – hipsters
vs. tourists, counter-
culture vs. conformists,
New Yorkers
vs. bona fide New
Yorkers, even
casual vs. uniform –
we all just gotta
love our meats
the way we love ‘em