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hearts that stick it out

hearts that stick it out
together find a way to
warm any defense


every time we come

every time we come
back together, after spending
many moons apart,

there is a collective sigh,
a letting go of defenses

it’s true, i do not

it’s true, i do not
hold you like i used to.
yesterday, the dentist
explained it best with
the three classes and five
theories of occlusion,
or how the upper and
lower teeth should come
together with the least
amount of destructive
interferences, a delicate
balance of muscles, ligaments,
and bones, waiting for an
electrical impulse from
the brain. it’s often the
hair-trigger adjustments
that translate most into
an irreversible
and nameless pain

because we have become

because we have become
one another’s best
references for joy,
love, loss, and pain,
we can make new
discoveries with more
clarity and in half
the time and effort it
would take were
we to go at it
alone. when life
is a big jigsaw, and
time is a toddler caught
stealing pieces, it’s
always better to
have an ally

perhaps we are all two,

perhaps we are all two,
three, fifty-three selves
meeting and unmeeting.
who’s to say holding
it together is better
than allowing some
selves to fray, get
caught, tangled in
another’s edges,
so that when we are
pulled apart, gathering
up our separate
threads, there
will be remnants,
a change in color
or texture, weight
or pattern, a natural
that somehow
strengthens us

the years stack themselves

the years stack themselves
neatly, not so neatly, so
that we can expect

to meet again and again,
invent new ways to take off

within the realm of

within the realm of
impossibility, we
are all called to dream –

let me be a part of yours
as you are a part of mine