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in the beginning was

in the beginning was
the word, and the word
was stella, rapping so
gently at my
window with her icy
knuckles this morning –
despite forecasts
and city shutdowns
and a state of emergency
declaration and thousands
of plows deployed
across the boroughs,
and lining up outside
grocery stores under
a cool blue sky –
despite everything, still
leaning on her southern
charm, like a new art form

in character, one

in character, one
can say almost
anything. don’t
ask me who i
am when it
comes to you,
the cat is not
out of the
bag just yet

the neighbors upstairs

the neighbors upstairs
are rehearsing their
three a.m. scene
again – two
pairs of god-given
lungs made of the
same brilliant mettle,
awake and stirringly
alive, a private
an audience of
at least twenty
families – he thinks
she’s overly
dramatic, she
thinks he should
go to hell, and
the majority of
the action
creaks stage left

when you start

when you start
dreaming that
you’ve won tickets
to Shakespeare
in the Park’s Into
the Woods
performance, beat
the system – that
daily, yet elusive,
virtual ticket
drawing –
everything else
makes sense:
the Norseman
Xtreme Triathlon
black t-shirt in the
closet, the Pulitzer
on the mantel, the
Clydesdale prepped
and ready to go in the
backyard, and under
electrochromic glass,
the Key to the City

whoever said patience

whoever said patience
is a virtue
is long
dead – loves
faded, words unsaid,
chances dismissed.
there is a thin line
between earnestness
and political theatre