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holding it in

you have managed

you have managed
to build a luminous
fort with hand-picked
catchphrases. i am
still trying to string a
word or two across my
ukulele to strike
a suitable tension

we have learned to be

we have learned to be
basic tendons for each other,
connecting heart to

earth, helping one another
withstand a world of tensions

we are all a word

to make it out

to make it out
of a horde
alive, tension
must find
something to
occupy its
mind, even if
it is how to
throw the
first fight

even when we planted

even when we planted
them right next to
each other, differences
arose, and it may take
more than a few
open gestures,
a handful of days in
the sun, and waiting
through a storm or
two to flush out
the similarities

they hand them out with

they hand them out with
very little instructions
in these parts. it is
only sometimes
wallet-sized. i have
seen several distinctive
placards jerked
around as weapons
or shields – nothing
mind you.
at the end of the
day, it is never really
a surprise –
we are wired to
form patterns, take
sides. it requires
more effort to
override the shortcut
than, say, pull
out that race card