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i am not sleepy

i am not sleepy
because i accidentally
fell asleep between

episode three and episode
three explained – i’m exhausted

with age, new and old

with age, new and old
aches come for you in the middle
of the night. like a
hatchling marine iguana
versus racer snakes
at feeding
time, you realize the
carelessness of
tuning into another
episode of planet earth ii
as you make your way to sea

sunday morning at

sunday morning at
the laundromat,
we are thrust
into the arms of
jesus for the
love of everlasting
death, through the
suited-up pastor
on the corner tv,
asking us to surround
ourselves only
with good
people to live in
god’s destiny –
a perfect set-up
for facing a load
of dirty laundry

in every transaction, there

in every transaction, there
is a Frank and Claire
the business of
discomfort promises
never a dull
moment, or is it
the other way
around – it takes very
little, much less, to feel
like you belong