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mom is debating

mom is debating
the secret ingredients
of our favorite

sweets – a double-blind taste test
with no confirmed recipes

** in the absence of The Daily Post from WordPress, here’s your daily prompt: test

two-thirds of the time,

two-thirds of the time,
we do not follow any
recipes, having

long preferred using the taste
test, nurturing words, common sense

in between sleep,

in between sleep,
darkness fingers my
thoughts, conducting
a double blind
taste test – this one,
yes, this one is
real, and
not that one
– and
there is no bias,
no preferred
treatment. even
the first sign of
morning reveals
no answers

when they told me that

when they told me that
in the future, books would come
in tablets, i imagine
the sucking kind, stories
distilled, collected,
to be held on
the tongue, moved
around in one’s
mouth, maybe slowly
turned, chewed.

the reader becomes
the taste tester, hanging
onto each chapter –
like Texture, Temperature,
Viscosity, Grittiness, and
Palatability. even
before the swallow,
odds are in the story’s
favor for unlocking
interlocking systems