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because you brought home

because you brought home
the starling, broken-winged or
broken-legged, and nursed

it back to health, there will be
other starlings, carrying hope

even chickens know

when it is just clear

when it is just clear
, we can
see ourselves
in one another. when
it is just muddy
enough, we may
see each
other in ourselves

** in the absence of The Daily Post from WordPress, here’s your daily prompt: enough

when your heart breaks

when your heart breaks,
sooner or later they will
have to call off the
mourners, put you six
feet under – as a matter
of self-preservation, there
is almost an immediate
threshold for grief
and sympathy, and it is
really up to you to
wake up and
ring the bell
when you are ready
to be dug up again