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when the litter of

when the litter of
spring blossoms crosses canal
street in late April,
a petal or two will stray
into side alleys, searching
for the real chinatown

here is a reminder

here is a reminder
in the middle of
a wintry afternoon
that i do not deserve
you – my legs
wrapped up so
carefully in
your legs, and for
a small, exposed
piece of me that still
strays with the
draft in the room,
a warm hand lands,
perches, massages
periodically into
that tickle threshold,
in case i were not
already completely
yours, present

there’s a new haircut

there’s a new haircut
feeling about loss –
how, even after days or
weeks, you are learning
to re-recognize yourself
in the mirror, and stray
snippets keep loosening
and falling off
when you shower,
blow-dry, each a
to be washed down
or somehow recovered

in a couple of weeks

in a couple of weeks
you will no longer
be able to tell
where the mend is

this is what she promised
the afternoon she tried

and after time had passed
when i found that i could still
lay a finger on it
i saw her again

if you could stop
for even one
morning with me, it will
go away

this is her response
an escapist guess, at best

and on the morning i stopped
the room was empty
a loose goodbye to chew on
a stray silence