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remember i told

remember i told
you there is only zen when
you stop searching – it’s

more like a leaning into the
wind to stay still, for a moment

in the shadows, we

i am suddenly more

i am suddenly more
distant, stay
more still
for fear of being
caught pulling
away. i sneak in
one more
bath than is
routine for our
kind of winter,
trust that the water
bill will not turn
me in. i head for
bed earlier
or later, find pockets
of silence in the
dark comforting.
i no longer wait for
you to take notice,
i can do this
entirely on my own

in the next moment

in the next moment
and the next, you
will change the
way you look at
me – our perspectives
are never still

time often leaves us

time often leaves us
stranded, especially in
moments like these, when

all synapses are firing,
but our bodies remain still

all things still were once

playing together