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on days when i have to

on days when i have to
keep my chin up, i do
it, like one of those
chinstrap penguins,
climbing out of the
antarctic, ready to find
anything that resembles
a foothold on those steep
slopes. you are never
ready to hear this, i know
it, by the way you smile
so innocently, try out
jokes to conduct the most
favorable light. i make
the decision for you,
yes, sorry, just like that,
you are not allowed
to comfort me, i keep
my chin up, helmet on, look
for the next solid step


on any given

on any given
day, i carry
the image of the
most perfect
beef noodle
in my
mouth, the
clever star
anise in
my nostrils,
my mother’s
fresh tangerine
smile steeping
in my heart